Kit #100 SP Single Head Searchlight Multi-Kit Signal


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“H-2” Multi-kit Southern Pacific Union Switch & Signal (US&S) one head searchlight signal.  Also used infrequently by the Santa Fe as a replacement for their US&S Style “S” Semaphores.  This is an unassembled kit composed of injection molded plastic, photoetched brass and resin components.  Refer to photos for the individual items in kit and to see how the finished product will look.

  • Single Head Signal
  • Multi-Kit builds into 6 different signal configurations
  • Lighting Kit Sold Separately (one #900 Kit needed)
  • Comes with complete instructions


The Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) installed Union Switch & Signal (US&S) “H-2” and the earlier model “H” searchlight signals as replacements for their original US&S Style “B” semaphore signals.  The searchlight signals had better visibility in both daytime and nighttime applications.  The SP removed the semaphore arms and installed the searchlight signals on the same mast and using the same equipment cabinets as the original semaphores.  This Multi-kit models both the original one piece concrete foundations and subsequent two piece “stacked” concrete foundations.  The stacked foundations were usually used when signal locations were changed from the original semaphore locations.  The Multi-kit can be built with different signal heights and equipment cabinet configurations.  Both narrow and wide signal cabinets are provided, and can be stacked as many of the original semaphores were configured.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 5 in


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